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Hone your message, build a tight-knit community & sell out your winning offer with this robust video-based training program + accompanying coaching community!


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"Crickets to Customers was the missing puzzle piece"

"I wasn't sure a group program was for me but the content in C2C really makes that question irrelevant because its sooooo much more than just how to fill a group program. I've been self employed for 10 years and havn't had this many concrete foundational steps about everything to do with your customer and your audience explained in such an easy way. The stuff Steph shares is mind-blowing and she breaks down each and every peice so its crystal clear. And she doesn't need a week to explain it, within just a few quick videos I'm on my way! Not only does she get fired up and passionate about helping us students along the way but she genuinely cares about us succeeding and offers implementable steps. Not once in my 10 years of business have I ever come across so much jam packed info deliver in a quick and easy to implement workflow. And her analogies are worth every penny, just those alone make it for me! SO MUCH VALUE" - Amanda C

"I launched my website and Facebook community today and did nothing more than post something on my social channels and reach out to a few friends directly, and so far 30 people have downloaded my community anchor! I literally had two people on my list yesterday - me and a friend. That's it. Today 28 new people, most of whom I don't personally know are now taking their first steps to becoming the teacher they've always wanted to be! Additionally there are now 11 people in my private Facebook community who weren't there yesterday. I'm so excited to see that this process and just putting something out there is really all it takes to get some traction. I feel like my next steps are so crystal clear and it's all thanks to Steph and this community." - Kevin T.